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Embajada de AfganistánCalle Nuria 16, Chalet 428034, Madrid, Spain Tel: +34-917218581Fax: +34-917216832E-mail:


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The agreament between two candidat for a coalition government garantieng the national unity has been signed in Kabul.Each candidate and there teams will respect the election results after the inspection, the winner will be anounced after the counting process as a new president, he will make a national unity government with the other team.

Afghanistan Sitting On Mineral Treasures Including Rare Earth ElementsAfghanistan could be sitting on a geological gold mine containing 60 million tons of copper, 2.2 billion tons of iron ore, 1.4 million tons of rare earth elements and tons of aluminium, gold, silver, mercury and lithium, totalling a trillion dollars (more than half a trillion pounds), says a US study based on geological surveys conducted over a decade.The study is a confirmation of what has been hinted at in the past by the Soviets.Geological explanations suggest the mineral treasure was deposited in Afghanistan during the violent collision of the Indian subcontinent with Asia.US airborne missions conducted magnetic, gravity and spectral surveys over Afghanistan. The magnetic surveys looked for iron-bearing minerals up to 6 miles (10 kilometres) below the surface, while the gravity surveys aimed at basins potentially rich in oil and gas. The spectral survey looked at the light signatures unique to each mineral.More than 70% of the country was mapped in just two months."Afghanistan is a country that is very, very rich in mineral resources," Jack Medlin, a geologist and programme manager of the US Geological Survey's Afghanistan project, told Live Science."We've identified the potential for at least 24 world-class mineral deposits." The scientists' work was detailed in the 15 August issue of the journal Science.The mineral riches could lift Afghanistan out of poverty and fight crime and terrorism, said Said Mirzad, co-coordinator of the US Geological Survey's Afghanistan programme.However, the war-ravaged nation lacks basic infrastructure in terms of roads, water and energy required to develop these mineral resources.The 1.4 million tons of rare earth elements such as lanthanum, cerium and neodymium alone could make a big difference to the economy of the nation.At present, China holds 90% of the world's reserves of rare earth elements. These are indispensable components in modern gadgets like mobile phones, cars and computers.In what is seen as unfair trade practice, China had imposed strict rare earth export quotas in 2010 claiming to check pollution and preserve resources.A WTO ruling recently went against China. However, experts wonder if the ruling will make any change in China's monopoly stance.

Afghanistan´s national government unity has been signed by the two candidates on Sunday - in the presence of outgoing President Hamid Karzai and the two international officials who have kept the process on the rails - the UN chief in Afghanistan, Jan Kubis, and US ambassador James Cunningham.The four-page deal outlines the powers of a new post of CEO, chief executive officer, a post similar to a prime minister. Ashraf Ghani will be president, and Abdullah Abdullah will nominate the CEO.This coalition governments is the results of mor than two months negotiations between both teams and and international comunity, finally each sector will be represented in the next five years national unity government.The outgoing president his Excellency Hamid Karzai will deliver the power to the National Unity Government leaded by His Excellency Dr: Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai in a inauguration ceremoney in the presidential palace in Kabul on monday september 29.

Se firma el acuerdo bilateral de seguridad de Afganistán con los Estados Unidos y la OTAN. para leer el acuerdo en inglés pinche sobre la foto.

H.E. Salahudin RabbaniMinister of Foreign Affairs of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

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H.E. Masood Khalili Ambassador

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^6th Regional Economic Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (RECCA 6TH) Kabul- 3-4 September 2015

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Remarks of H.E Foreign Minister Rabbani at the 4th meeting of Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG).

Afghan Women’s Affairs in charge Participation in Peace Conference of Encounter Intercultural Co-existence of the Association Women between Worlds:Mrs. Safia Popal Second Secretary In-Charge of Consulate and Women’s Affairs Sections through an official invitation of ASOCIACION MUJERES ENTRE MUNDOS (Seville), had participation for the two days conference in the title of The Role of Women in Promoting Intercultural Co-existence in the Community, from 17 to 18 March-2016. The participant of this conference were from various related fields and government sectors for a Co-existence Debate of 1: Women’s role in promoting intercultural in community 2: What role should Media have to promote Co-existence and Multiculturalism. Mrs. Popal on her part, though endeavouring and having an active and fruitful participation she had partially been asked numerous questions through the visionary of western sight related to the current situation of Afghan Women, their rights and participation in the government sectors, Mrs Popal has clarified the role of Women in Afghanistan and their rights. She also illustrated that Women in Afghanistan has 27 % Member of Parliaments, 4 Ministers, Several Deputy Ministers, 4 Ambassadors, around 245 Judges in the our Judicial System. The United Nation has recently reviewed new Resolution of 1325 for Women’s right in Afghanistan which the government has pre-planned meticulously the Action-Plane to be implemented entirely. The government of Afghanistan has developed much better since before in the formation fairly particiation of Women in Government sectors. So Far more then 8 Millions girls are daily going to Schools, with the help of International Community annualy our hundreds of girls are going for their post-graduate education through international scholarships. The International Community including Spain with the well coordination of the Afghan Government have provided much opportunities for Afghan women to have better condition and situation in the country and hoping to be developing this situation so that the Afghan women has a better future, better hope and and rights, same like the rest of world.

An opportunity to invest in AfghanistanAfghanistan´s Ministry of Energy and Water and the United States Agency for International Development invite you to join the ‘Afghanistan Energy Business Opportunities Conference 2016’ in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) on September 18-19.The conference will provide investors with many unique opportunities to learn the latest on the Afghan Energy Sector. Session will include:An in-depth briefing and discussion on the recent 10 MW Kandahar Solar Project Expericne;A presentation of Independence Power Producer (IPP) project oppurtunities that USAID (and other donors) plan to make available for bid;Information for investors interested in doing business in Afghanistan to include security, licensing land acquisition, etc;Match-making opportunities to facilitate strategic alliances between forieng investor and Afghan companies;Feedback sessions to gain investor insights for future project; and Discussions with local and international financial institutions on infrastructure financing instruments.Please refere to the link for the pre-registration and hotel booking of the program.

Afghanistan THE HEART OF ASIA A country of Opportunities, Strategic Geographical Position Connecting Central Asia to South Asia, and Leading to Europe provides an opportunity for international investors and grasp their attention.Investing in Afghanistan has become nowadays a desire of International investors, Afghanistan is daily progressing and development its internal economy system and this process catches the attention foreign investor to invest in this ‘land of opportunity’ in various sector as per your selections. Agriculture sector, extractive industries, Energy Sector, Infrastructure, Industry, banking, insurance, Telecommunication Sector, Health Services, Transportation and Logistic Sector, Construction, Consolidation of Public Procurement etc.For more information please click

Afghanistan Deputy Minister of Women Affairs in Admin and Finance through an official invitation of Spanish Government has participation for one day Conference of Peace and Security in Madrid on 4th May-2016Mrs. Nabila Musleh Afghan Deputy Minister of Women's affairs Accompanied by Mr. Homayun Mokammel Charg'ed Affairs of Afghanistan Embassy in Spain and Mrs. Safia Popal Second Secretary covering consulate and Women's affair sections. The focus of the conference was on determinations of Women's Right, Gender Equality and more specifically on the implementation of United Nation resolution 1325 in the inlightment of Spain and the rest other European countries second phase of Action plane including participant countries like Afghanista, Mali and Kolombia.Deputy Minister Musleh at the sidelines of her Visit to Madrid also had several meetings with e.i Miss Aurora Mejia Errasquin Spain Spacial Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Mr. Emilio Perez Ambassador of Spain in Afghanistan, Ms. Susana Oamorero Secretary of State for Social Services and Equality- Ms. Rosa Urban Director General of the Spanish institute for Women and equality of opportunities.Mrs. Musleh highly focused and bringing their attentions for providing more security and rights of Woman’s in Afghanistan.

Ministry of Women's Affairs of I.R Afghanistan with coordination of Directorate General of Human Rights and Women’s International affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of in the light of their agenda to support victims of violence against women in cooperation with the Fund to make a charitable institution, in order to meet the needs of victims of acute serious and immediate transfer at home or abroad, have opened its bank account in National Bank of Afghanistan with following Numbers:$ A/C No: 1001334033149 National Bank of AFGAfg A/C No: 1001336096711 National Bank of AFG

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani left Kabul for Tajikistan on Thursday to attend the second meeting of CASA-1000 electricity project.Ghani is expected to deliver a speech at the meeting and will also meet Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon where they will discuss the issue of strengthening ties between both countries, the statement said. The statement said Ghani will also participate in a meeting between Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Pakistan and attend an agriculture exhibition.

Afghanistan provides Upon Arrival Visa for Foreign Trad and Investor.The government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is providing UPON ARRIVAL visa for Foreign Trade and Investors in Hamid karzai International Airport while arriving.The bellow Documents are required for processing the UPON ARRIVAL VISA:•A copy of notarized Business license that at least has 6 months validation,•A newly issued BANK STATEMENT, the account should have 10000 (Hundred Thousand $ dolor),•A complete filled Visa Application Form with required photos,•The exact address of the company by providing a valid commercial document at the company's address,•Payment of a visa in accordance with the amendment to the law of travel for the resettlement of tributary nationals in Afghanistan.•The original letter from the trade company (original copy of the Business Letter). 

The Embassy of Islamic Republic of AfghanistanMadrid-Spain