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Mrs. Safia Popal, the first woman in the Afghan Diplomatic team in Spain is leading the Women Affairs Section.She is a prestigiuos diplomat with enough capacities to innovate and leadership, since she came to madrid the women and consulate affiars sections has been given to her and she is very succesfull in her duties.

Meeting with the Spanish Women Institute.

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A- Protection of women's human rights strategy in accordance with the constitution of Afghanistan.1 - Modification of laws to protect women's rights.2- Improving women's access to justice3- Reforms in the formulation and enforcement of laws.4-Development of legal and religious awareness.B-Growth strategy, leadership and political participation of women in Islamic Republic of Afghanistan government.1- Design and implement a comprehensive program for women's leadership and capacity.2- Multi-sectoral and multi-institutional mechanism to supervise the implementation of the national strategy for leadership and partnership.3- Design and implementation of affirmative action policies.4- Design and implementation of professional training and capacity building strategy for women.5- Organize and create networks of solidarity among women.6- Increase public awareness of gender equality for senior officials and those who are in decision-making level.7- Established support systems in the workplace.8- Elimination of violence against women.9- Building partnerships between men and women. Important point of Violence Factors against women in Afghanistan.1- Lack of awareness in families (low level of education)2- Expand the scope of poverty.3- Lack of security4- Forced marriages.5- Lack of awareness of the legal requirement

Afghanistan government achievements in past 13 years regarding the women affair : Following the end of over two decades of armed conflict, Afghanistan worked with the international community to adopt the Bonn Agreement, which served as a framework for the establishment of democratic governance in our country. The Bonn process laid the foundation for increasing women’s involvement in government and for more concerted action to advance the role of women, particular in increasing women’s involvement in decision-making and political life, established the Ministry of Women’s Affairs to act as lead ministry for the advancement of women’s status. The government ratified the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women, adopted gender mainstreaming as the strategy for advancing women’s status under the Berlin Plan of Action, and positioned gender as a cross-cutting perspective in the national development framework. So Afghanistan government established a Commission on the Elimination of Violence against Women, to initiate policy and program measures that would strengthen the government’s response to violence against women. Women of Afghanistan became a reality, and through these principles our Government and the international community committed to "recognize in all policies and program, that men and women have equal rights and responsibilities" and to “build lasting Afghan capacity and effective state and civil society institutions, with particular emphasis on building up human capacities of men and women alike. With the completion of the terms of the Bonn Agreement in 2005, the new Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the international community signed the Afghanistan Compact during the London Conference on 2006. Adaptation of the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) during the Paris Conference on 2008 analysed the priority problems affecting Afghan women and men and sets out policies, outcomes and benchmarks for measuring progress in the coming years. Afghanistan government recognize that, women's participation in governance and in the legal system, make strengthen the protection of women's rights in general, and will empower women participation in leadership and public life, and prevent the pervasive violations against women. In Presidential candidacy, women positions as deputy assistant, the close involvement of 40 % women in the electoral process, the presence of more than 69 women in parliament, three female ministers in the cabinet, appointed two woman as governor and Police chief, appointed two woman in the post of ambassador and Consulate General and wide presence of women in diplomatic affair nearly 3,000 of women in the ranks of the military for defence of country, including the establishment of women's activities in the fields of media and broadcasting, for instance, Afghan women radio for women, the widespread presence of women in the health and education sectors, hundreds of local and international NGOs activities in order to restore the rights of women. Afghanistan government try to make a peaceful and progressive country where women and men enjoy security, equal rights and opportunities in all aspects of life which is linked with the overall effort to restore peace and reconstruct the Afghan nation.

The Embassy of Islamic Republic of AfghanistanMadrid-Spain