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ConstitutionThe present Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was agreed upon by more than 500 delegates representing Afghan men and women from across the country at the Constitutional Loya Jirga (December 13, 2003 - January 4, 2004). The Constitution was formally ratified by President Hamid Karzai at a ceremony in Kabul on January 26, 2004.The full text of the Constitution may be found below. Note: this is an unofficial English translation of the Constitution. In any conflict between this and the original Pashto / Dari Constitution, the Pashto / Dari version shall take precedence.The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan(Ratified) January 26, 2004In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful•Contents•Preamble•Chapter One: State (21 articles)•Chapter Two: Fundamental Rights and Duties of Citizens (38 articles)•Chapter Three: The President (11 articles)•Chapter Four: Government (10 articles)•Chapter Five: National Assembly (29 articles)•Chapter Six: Loya Jirga (6 articles)•Chapter Seven: The Judiciary (20 articles)•Chapter Eight: Administration (7 articles)•Chapter Nine: State of Emergency (6 articles)•Chapter Ten: Amendments (2 articles)•Chapter Eleven: Miscellaneous Provisions (7 articles)•Chapter Twelve: Transitional Provisions (5 articles)

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